Aamgard Engineering develop, manufacture and sell a broad range of electric and electronic products, assemblies and systems solutions for motorsport customers and organisations like universities, scientific institutes, aerospace and general purpose industries. In consequence of our motorsport history, we are used to deliver first class services and quality products even at highest technical demands and tight schedules.

We offer qualified consulting and on-site service and build prototypes, one-off parts and low volume series. Our customers appreciate our sophisticated solutions, the expert work­manship and our absolute commitment to deadlines.

Aamgard Engineering - Electric, Electronic, System Engineering

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Wiring Looms, Electrical Harnesses + Systems

FIA Rain Lamps + LED Lights

Connectors from Deutsch, Souriau, Tyco, Bosch a.o.

Breakout Boxes + Adaptor Cables

PDMs / PCUs, Power Distribution + Control Modules
Motec Displays + Dashlogger


LED Replica Lamp Cobra / Lucas 542

TipFlash Module, el. Blink Relay, Ignition Cut Module

LED Timing Board, Pit Display System

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