Breakout Boxes

Breakout boxes (BOB) are used to split electric circuits between a control unit or a datalogger and the connected cable harness with it's sensors, actuators etc. The BOB enables meausuring, control and patching of single wires inside an electrical system while normal operation, without re-assembling of connectors or destroying the wiring loom itself.

We build breakout boxes to custom specifications and standard BOBs for many autosport, aerospace, automotive and industrial connectors.

  breakout box Bosch DDU         Adapterbox         breakout box CU14

Adaptor cable and Instrumentation Lines

Aamgard Engineering build instrumentation and adaptor cables to custom specifications:

• sensors assembling
• CAN bus adaptor and monitoring data cable
• USB PC adaptor
• calibration adaptors
• thermocouple cable
• impact sound proof and low noise sensor wires
• twisted pair and shielded wiring set
• industrial cables with Neutrik, CPC or Bulgin connectors
• M8 and M12 sensor and data lines

Technically, we assemble all common motorsport, lab and industrial connectors and cable systems. In co-operation with
our suppliers, we would be pleased to guide you for the optimal instrumentation and sensor wire solution.

Lemo wire set
adaptor cable with Deutsch ASL connector / Wiring Looms + Dashboards / Breakout Boxes

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