individual wiring looms

Building of Wiring Looms and Individual Cabling

• individual wiring looms and electric harnesses in motorsport quality
• for race cars, sport boats, test beds and laboratories
• full system topography engineering
• planing, overmeasure, final assembly and system launch on-site
• prototypes, one-off and small volume manufacturing



Dashboards, Switch Panels, Test Bed Control Boards

• design and building of dashboards to customer demands
• steering wheel plates and electric assemblies
• junction boxes, electric patch boards, test bed and control panels
• for modern and classic race cars, sport boats and test beds
• on-site service, single part and small volume manufacturing


breakout boxes

Breakout Boxes and Electric Adaptors

• system measurement boxes for Aamgard control units
• breakout boxes for ECUs from Motec, Bosch, Cosworth et al.
• adaptor cables and test boxes to customer specification
• instrumentation adaptors and test cables for test beds and field use

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