Lucas 542 Replica / Cobra Rear Lamp     PL04

Lucas 542 Replica / Cobra rear lamp Replica of the classic Lucas 542 tail light, as used in Shelby Cobras etc. This lamp combines very bright brake light, tail light and indicator in one housing. With the optical separation of brake and indicator field, it complies to European approval requirements for historic cars. Manual

Classic Round Lamp     PL05

classic round lamp This lamp is used in miscellaneous Lotus Super-7 replica and kit cars, Caterham, Cobra, Austin etc. and suits historic race cars like Formula 1, 2, 3, Formula Vee and Formula Ford.

• diameter: 70mm
• housing colours: red, yellow, white
• light colours: red, yellow, blue, green, white
• two different performance types for brake light,
  indicator, tail light etc.


Historic Le Mans Car Rear Lamp     PL06

classic Le Mans sports car rear lamp This lamp was used in many Le Mans sports prototypes of the 70th and 80th, so some Sauber, Tiga, Chevron and others.

Signal LED for Dashboards in Classic Design     LD77

signal LED for dashboards in classic design • very bright signal LED
• rectangular plastic housing, ca. 10x13mm
• mounting via thread Ø 10mm
• voltage supply 10..16V, ca. 15mA
• light colours: red, blue, green, yellow, white / Light + Lamps / LED Classic Design

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