temperature sensor

Temperature Sensors and Pyrometer

  • NTC and PT1000 temperature sensors
  • thermocouples
  • pyrometer / IR sensors
  • infrared / thermo imaging camera
  • measuring of clutch and brake discs
  • tyre temperature measurement


pressure sensors

Pressure Sensors

  • fuel, oil and cooling water sensors
  • brake pressure sensors
  • intake air and air pressure sensors
  • differential pressure sensor + pitot tube
  • combined sensors for pressure + temperature
  • MAP sensors / barometric air pressure sensors


Speed and RpM

Sensors for Speed and RpM

  • reluctance, hall and inductive speed sensors
  • sensors for crankshaft, camshaft + wheel speed
  • measurement system for turbo chargers


Force Sensors

Force, Torque and Load Sensors

  • general purpose load cell
  • gear shift and ignition cut sensors
  • dynamic measurement of suspension forces
  • measurement of steering force
  • drive shaft torque measuring system


displacement sensors

Displacement and Angle Sensors

  • distance, displacement and angle sensors
  • suspension and damper potentiometer
  • laser ride height sensor
  • linear potentiometer, angle und wire potis
  • steering angle measurement
  • throttle position sensors


acceleration sensors

Acceleration Sensors and Gyrometer

  • acceleration sensors / accelerometer
  • angular speed sensors / gyrometer
  • 1D/2D/3D
  • car dynamics measurement + track mapping
  • vibration analysis


special sensors

Sensors for Special Applications

  • dynamic drive shaft torque measurement
  • steering force measurement
  • speed and temperature measurement system for turbo chargers
  • thermo imaging camera
  • metall detecting for oil analysis and wear measurement


sensor accessories

Sensor Accessories, Fittings, Auxiliaries

  • hydraulic fittings and thread adapter
  • washer, seals, o-rings
  • trigger wheels, wheel speed trigger
  • stone-chipping and heat protection


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